5G Americas Retain Leadership from T-Mobile and Ericsson for 2023

5G Americas Retain Leadership from T-Mobile and Ericsson for 2023

5G Americas, the trade association for the wireless cellular industry, recently re-elected Neville Ray, President of Technology at T-Mobile US as Chairman of their Board of Governors for 2023 and Barbara Baffer from Ericsson as Treasurer. This decision was made in an effort to maintain their current Board leadership and continue their mission of building a more connected future around the world through efficient use of technology.

Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas expressed his delight with this re-election: “As the 5G ecosystem continues to progress throughout the world, we are pleased to retain the strong Board leadership for the association.”

Neville Ray is highly experienced in telecommunications and has been a part of the 5G Americas Board for more than 12 years. He looks forward to furthering US and American companies’ advancement in advanced technology networks. “The United States and the Americas continue to lead the wireless cellular industry revolution with advanced technologies and networking capabilities,” Ray stated.

Barbara Baffer brings 32 years of knowledge to her role as Vice President, Government & Policy Advocacy at Ericsson. She leads Ericsson’s regulatory and legislative advocacy efforts in both the US and Canada, while also serving on various boards such as Tech Titans Executive Committee (where she was its 2017-2019 Chairwoman) and CTIA’s Wireless Association Foundation. Stating her thoughts about continuing with 5G Americas’ mission, Baffer said: “I’m honoured to continue working with world-class experts and leaders in the wireless industry. At 5G Americas, our efforts are helping to guide wireless cellular along a successful and sustainable path towards a more connected future around the world.”

The re-election from members Neville Ray and Barbara Baffer helps ensure that 5G Americas can proceed with their plans for success. It is clear that they have experienced leaders at their helm who understand how best to provide technological innovation on a global scale while ensuring they remain within regulatory policy guidelines. With more efficient access to global connectivity through technologies such as 5G, 6G, Wi-Fi 6E etc., these two individuals will help shape what lies ahead in terms of technological advances over this coming year.

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