Agencies Get Help from GSA to Secure 5G Purchases

Agencies Get Help from GSA to Secure 5G Purchases

The General Services Administration (GSA) released important guidance on Thursday that could help federal agencies buy secure 5G wireless technology. This announcement is just one part of a multi-agency effort to ensure best practices are followed and secure services are in use. The Secure 5G and Beyond Act of 2020, as well as the National Strategy to Secure 5G, represent two key components within the government’s initiative to guarantee software and hardware security protocols are observed when it comes to technology acquisition.

In this new guidance document from GSA, specific requirements for purchasing 5G technology have been outlined. These were created by subject matter experts in conjunction with relevant agency feedback. Best practices have also been established for going through the acquisition process, which explains all available options when looking into buying such technology. As 5G becomes an increasingly crucial element of day-to-day operations, it’s essential that these security safeguards remain top priority during any purchase. That’s why GSA has provided this resource–to ensure individuals understand their responsibilities when it comes to securing such innovative products and services.

With assistance from GSA’s guidance, federal agencies will be better prepared to invest in the most secure forms of mobile communications technology available today. The guidelines set forth by GSA emphasizes the need for a dedicated focus on accuracy–ensuring that best practices are followed throughout each phase of the procurement process. These best practices range from researching contract vehicles like Best-in-Class acquisitions or Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contracts; examining applicable clauses; and making sure vendors comply with existing security policies.

They also suggest stressing not only price but also overall performance and compliance in order to get the most value out of every dollar spent when procuring such equipment or services.  In sum, these new practices put forth by GSA should prove invaluable in helping federal agencies make informed decisions when looking into acquiring secure 5G technology–and thereby protect US interests against cyber threats as they continue embracing more sophisticated communication solutions.

This effort is part of the government’s larger plan to safeguard US cyber infrastructure and make sure all networks remain secure in a world becoming ever more reliant on wireless communications. GSA has taken an important step forward in setting forth clear guidelines for how federal agencies can purchase 5G technology safely and securely. With that, they’re helping to ensure that all aspects of the procurement process remain transparent and accountable. This should lend credence to their mission of safeguarding America’s digital assets and make sure information remains secure no matter how advanced our technological capabilities become.

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