Bell Ventures Invests in Cohere Technologies for 5G and 6G Innovation

Bell Ventures Invests in Cohere Technologies for 5G and 6G Innovation

Bell Ventures has recently announced an investment in Cohere Technologies, a software developer focused on creating innovative 4G/5G Universal Spectrum Multiplier (USM) and Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) waveform technology for 6G.

The purpose of this investment is to conduct network trials on Bell’s 5G network and assess the capabilities of OTFS for 6G. In doing so, it will be able to evaluate how well their technologies can support next-generation wireless communications.

Cohere Technologies‘ USM software can be integrated into existing networks or as an xApp in the Telco Cloud. Tests have shown that it can improve performance of 4-5 G networks by up to 2x, making it a great asset for operators looking to enhance their current networks. This is especially important with the continued growth of dynamic applications such as cloud gaming and streaming services relying on high speed connections.

By partnering with Bell Ventures, Cohere Technologies is able to access top resources for testing its technologies and providing feedback regarding how they interact with 4-6 G networks. This collaboration will lead to both partners pushing each other’s boundaries in terms of innovation and developing more advanced solutions that better meet the needs of customers today.

This collaborative effort between Cohere Technologies and Bell Ventures is not only indicative of the potential opportunities that exist within next-gen wireless communications but also shows how traditional mobile operators are willing to work alongside innovative startups and established organizations in order to drive faster development times.

Overall, this partnership highlights the possibilities available when organizations come together in pursuit of common goals – namely securing future growth by offering customers more reliable and efficient services through advanced connectivity technologies such as USM and OTFS waveforms. The close collaboration between these two companies opens up new doors for further development over the coming years, enabling them to bring forward new solutions that could redefine how we use wireless communication for years to come.

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