Capgemini Launches North America's First 5G Solutions Center in San Francisco

Capgemini Launches North America’s First 5G Solutions Center in San Francisco

Capgemini, a global leader in consulting and technology services, recently announced the opening of North America’s first 5G Solutions Center. Located in San Francisco at its Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE), the center aims to provide an environment for creating innovative use cases for 5G-based solutions through workshops with clients and partners. The center draws on Capgemini’s expertise and an innovation ecosystem of technology partners to unleash all the new possibilities available to organizations within the framework of 5G networks. Network Equipment Providers (NEPs), Communication Services Providers (CSPs), enterprises and industrial players alike can benefit from this center by deploying next-generation services and taking full advantage of what 5G has to offer their business.

Capgemini has teamed up with various technology partners to create innovative use cases tailored to each client, covering a wide range of industrial market segments including Augmented Assistance, Smart Surveillance, and Smart Health. The company’s latest strides in ushering in an era of 5G opportunities also include other Capgemini 5G Labs located in Europe and India intended to help organizations maximize their benefits from these revolutionary networks as well as Edge computing capabilities. The groundbreaking announcement signals another example of Capgemini’s commitment towards leveraging cutting-edge technology for its clients’ benefit. The AIE is sure to become a hotbed for bringing out the best that 5G has to offer. With its continued efforts in workshops, technology partnerships, and development activities surrounding 5G networks, more businesses can look forward to having access to the exceptional resources offered by Capgemini’s AIE in no time.

The potential of 5G networks and associated use cases are massive and Capgemini is leading the way when it comes to offering innovative solutions. Businesses can look forward to tapping into new opportunities enabled by this cutting-edge technology, so stay tuned for further updates from the 5G Solutions Center in San Francisco. Capgemini is ready to help organizations drive digital transformation with their 5G expertise. If you’re looking for the latest in 5G-enabled solutions, look no further than Capgemini’s AIE. Contact them today to learn more and get started on creating the future with 5G networks.

This is an exciting time for businesses, with 5G networks bringing about new opportunities. Capgemini’s 5G Solutions Center in San Francisco is the perfect place to create innovative solutions and make the most of this revolutionary technology. With its expertise and partnerships, Capgemini is well-positioned to help organizations drive digital transformation and tap into new opportunities enabled by 5G networks. Contact them today to learn more about how they can help you make the most of this groundbreaking technology.

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