Cellnex Telecom and Nokia Contracted For €20.5 Million to Construct 5G Networks at Adif Alta Velocidad's Rail Terminals in Spain`

Cellnex Telecom and Nokia Contracted For €20.5 Million to Construct 5G Networks at Adif Alta Velocidad’s Rail Terminals in Spain`

Cellnex Telecom and Nokia have recently been awarded a €20.5 million contract by Spanish rail infrastructure operator Adif Alta Velocidad (Adif AV) to build private 5G and public 5G networks in 10 of its logistics terminals across Spain. The primary purpose of the project is to reduce the cost of rail freight transport over the next five years by introducing digitalisation and automation.

The two companies will deploy 10 different private 5G networks in various locations, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville Vitoria etc., each using the 2300 MHz band exclusively for Adif AV’s use while also stringing up public 5G coverage around them on shared basis for telecoms operators’ services.

The network infrastructure is intended to support Adif AV’s Industry 4.0 ambitions by providing advanced connectivity services with applications like IoT Networks which are essential for critical asset monitoring purposes as well as providing an overall increased efficiency in operations. This could allow for a range of new features including automated monitoring systems that can quickly detect problems on the track and alert operators accordingly thus reducing unplanned delays or malfunctions.

This new contract could revolutionise rail freight transport throughout Spain, bringing it into the modern age and making it more effective than ever before. It is yet another example of how advanced technology can be used to benefit society in innovative ways. Such investments demonstrate that even at times of economic uncertainty, these organisations are still keen to invest in projects that are both beneficial economically but also socially responsible when it comes to their environmental impact or improving access to goods and services for people who need it most.

In addition, this investment could pave the way for other offerings from Cellnex Telecom and Nokia such as improved connectivity solutions or enhanced safety protocols due to increased levels of automation on the railway network itself; all critical components that will play a role in helping ensure safe journeys for passengers and goods alike over the coming years.

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