China to Receive World's First 5G-Enabled Cruise Ship

China to Receive World’s First 5G-Enabled Cruise Ship

Adora Cruises, a brand of Chinese cruise ships under CSSC Carnival Cruise Shipping, announced on Thursday the delivery of the world’s first 5G-enabled cruise ship later this year. This marks an exciting milestone for digital communication as the ship will be equipped with advanced wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi6 and mobile 5G networks.

The venture between China’s largest shipbuilding company China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and U.S.-based Carnival Corporation is looking to make a bold statement in the marine travel sector by introducing 5G connectivity onto the ship. According to managing director Chen Ranfeng, they are focusing on “seizing a first-mover advantage in the cruise industry’s 5G market”.

Adora’s first cruise ship is expected to start operations in 2023 with a gross tonnage of 135,500 tonnes and 2125 guest rooms which can hold up to 5246 passengers at once. To ensure that their passengers have access to high-end network experience similar to what they would find on land, Adora Cruises has partnered with China Telecom’s Shanghai branch as they focus on network communication through digital high-definition, AR/VR and other content services to improve user experience and promote high quality developments in tourism economy.

Although it is yet unclear how exactly these features will help bring better experiences for travelers onboard of these kinds of ships, this new initiative taken by Adora Cruises is highly commendable and could potentially pave way for new adventures in the world of marine travel. More details regarding this project will be made available once Adora Cruises officially starts its operations in 2023.

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