Chip Shortage Delaying the Availability of Private 5G Networks

Chip Shortage Delaying the Availability of Private 5G Networks

ABI Research has predicted that private 5G networks will not be widely available until 2023 due to the lack of next-generation chipsets.

5G features such as ultra-reliable low latency communications (URLLC) were standardized in Release 16 in 2020, but currently there are no chipsets on that release, which means devices with Release 16-capable chipsets will start to appear by the end of 2023 at the earliest. Once these devices become available at scale, it is expected to drive down device costs and make private 5G more accessible.

The benefit of private 5G networks is that organisations will be able to customise network characteristics and security protocols in order to meet their specific requirements. This will enable them to control how data is shared and used within a closed system or collaborate with multiple parties. This is especially beneficial in industries such as manufacturing, where real-time data exchange is essential for efficient operations.

Aside from improved performance, private 5G also offers enhanced security benefits. With its advanced authentication and encryption capabilities, private 5G can protect businesses against malicious attacks as well as allow companies to build secure ecosystems for communication between various stakeholders within a business’ operational infrastructure.

Therefore, businesses need to plan ahead and think about how they can start taking advantage of the developments in private 5G networks when they become available. For example, what investments would need to be made and what steps should be taken to ensure a smooth transition from current generation technologies? Companies should also consider how they can use this technology for their own gain as well – whether it’s leveraging high speed capabilities for an edge computing solution or creating an IoT network for monitoring purposes – the possibilities are endless!

Overall, while we may have another two years before we witness large-scale availability of private 5G networks, it’s clear that this technology could have a huge impact on businesses across industries when implemented well. It is therefore important that companies prepare themselves well ahead of time so they can reap maximum benefit when private 5G networks become widely available.

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