EE's 5G Network Now Available Across 60% of the UK Population

EE’s 5G Network Now Available Across 60% of the UK Population

EE is making major advances in its 5G network coverage and services in the U.K. According to EE, 60% of the population now has access to 5G services, while 4G is available across 87% of the country’s territory.

19 new locations have recently been added to the list of places that offer 5G services, while Rootmetrics ranked EE’s network as the best across various performance metrics such as speed and reliability.

The telco also plans on making 5G services available everywhere in the U.K by 2028, taking advantage of 700 MHz spectrum for indoor and wider rural coverage, as well as ultra-lightweight radio technology from Ericsson for improved energy efficiency and performance.

This ambitious plan requires more infrastructure than what is currently offered by EE’s 4G network and requires significant investments in time, money and resources. To meet this goal, EE will be focusing on improving their coverage with better base stations as well as increasing capabilities to handle large amounts of traffic efficiently. This includes developing faster networks by deploying small cells or even utilizing satellites for remote areas which are hard to reach.

Furthermore, last year EE managed to aggregate a 5G signal using seven different spectrum carriers which achieved speeds of over 1 Gbps – an impressive feat indeed! This goes to show how far ahead they are compared with other wireless providers when it comes to providing high-speed internet access throughout the entire nation.

EE is constantly pushing boundaries in order to deliver faster speeds and more reliable networks within all parts of the country, setting an example for other networks around the world who are looking into upgrading their infrastructure. All these advancements make EE a leader in providing high-speed internet access over large territories like that of the U.K., so customers can enjoy an unrivaled user experience wherever they are located within its borders.

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