Element Industrial To Receive 40 MW Of Rooftop Solar From TESLA 50Hz In Romania

Element Industrial To Receive 40 MW Of Rooftop Solar From TESLA 50Hz In Romania

Element Industrial (ELI), a leading industrial company in Romania, has recently signed an agreement with TESLA 50Hz to design and build rooftop solar installations on all ELI buildings across the country over the next three to five years. This major collaboration will cover 250,000 square meters of industrial parks, providing 40 MW of photovoltaic electricity.

The agreement brings together engineering teams from both companies to optimize construction for easy PV rooftop installation while also reducing costs and time associated with this process. SolarEdge technology was chosen for its advanced safety features that ensure the highest level of safety and increased energy grid independence, power quality, decrease in the prices of electricity, and reduction in the carbon footprint.

To manage electricity supply when output tapers off towards sunset Tesla Blue Planet provides an energy storage component while battery supplier CATL ensures customers they will benefit from world-class technical leadership & experience with their manufacturing capabilities.

This new solar project is a giant step forward for ELI towards utilizing clean energy sources as well as providing customers with reduced costs and a safe electrical environment. With this commitment to cutting edge technology, customers can be assured of receiving quality results for years to come!

The new addition of rooftop solar installations is expected to have huge environmental benefits such as clearer skies due to less pollution from fossil fuels; improved air quality; more efficient use of natural resources such as water and land; increased biodiversity; and improved economic prospects due to job creation related to renewables investments. In addition, Romania has implemented various incentives such as tax exemptions for renewable energy projects which makes investing into rooftop solar projects simpler for businesses like ELI.

In order for this project to be successful it requires a combination of political will as well as technological capacity from both companies involved. By combining forces ELI & TESLA 50Hz hope their progress will inspire others in Romania and beyond to spearhead similar initiatives that further develop renewable industries around the globe — helping contribute towards climate change targets set by governments worldwide.

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