Globe Demonstrates Capabilities of New 5G Technology with Live Test

Globe Demonstrates Capabilities of New 5G Technology with Live Test

5G technology is revolutionizing the way we communicate and perform business operations, and Globe recently showcased the potential of its latest 5G Standalone technology with a live demonstration.

5G Standalone is an upgrade from 5G Non-Standalone which still uses the 4G/LTE network, and offers faster download and upload speeds, better connectivity, and support for emerging technologies such as IoT, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

The demo showed how cloud gaming, a virtual reality laboratory, video conferencing, video surveillance and analytics, and remote assistance all worked well using 5G Standalone with end-to-end network slicing – dividing the network into separate channels which dedicated specific quality of service and bandwidth allocation to improve performance. During testing, up to 200Mbps download speed and 100Mbps upload speed was achieved on one slice alone.

Gerhard Tan, Director and Head of Network Strategy and Technology Enablement at Globe said “Experiencing 5G will be the new wave of communication as it maximizes the power of digital solutions and enables applications straight from the palm of your hands. This brings differentiated services that are tailor-fit to customer needs.”

This successful demonstration highlighted Globe’s commitment to driving innovation and providing improved services to its customers. It also opened up new opportunities for businesses across a range of industries who can take advantage of this technology in order to provide products or services tailored specifically to their demands.

Cloud gaming allows users to store or host games on the cloud which are then streamed on devices while virtual reality laboratories offer an immersive experience where people can be in both physical and virtual worlds at the same time. Video conferencing over 5G Standalone also allows for live video calls that are captured, transmitted, and delivered using ultra-high-definition resolution for superior image quality compared to traditional networks. Additionally, businesses can utilize video surveillance analytics for enhanced security through automated access control processes as well as data collecting on customer behavior. Finally, remote assistance utilizing augmented reality technology allows businesses to collaborate across different locations in real-time while providing guidance when needed.

Overall it’s clear that 5G technology is heavily influencing current day business practices by allowing companies access powerful tools which enable them to provide products or services tailored specifically towards meeting customer demands in efficient ways never seen before. With reliable networks like Globe consistently pushing boundaries in terms of innovation it won’t be long until we see even more revolutionary advancements made possible through this exciting new technology.

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