Hickory and Hungry Jacks Leverage New TPG 5G Services

Hickory and Hungry Jacks Leverage New TPG 5G Services

TPG Telecom has added two new customers to its suite of enterprise 5G services: fast food outlet Hungry Jacks and the construction group Hickory.

Hungry Jacks is the first major customer of its 5G capable SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) solution, signing a five-year contract to provide Wi-Fi and National Broadband Network (NBN) connectivity at more than 350 retail and office locations around Australia. Meanwhile, Hickory has become one of the telco’s first 5G Fixed Wireless enterprise customers.

The services include a fixed wireless service that connects businesses with high-speed internet via the TPG 5G mobile network, and a Fortinet-based 5G-backup SD-WAN service. The large scale connectivity rollout for Hungry Jacks was completed by TPG in 12 weeks.

Commenting on the deal, Hungry Jacks CEO Chris Green said that reliable and robust connectivity is key to delivering on their digital ambitions. He added that if their fixed-line connection goes down, then their digital kiosks, eftpos terminals, and store connectivity will all seamlessly switch over to 5G keeping them connected with their customers.

Hickory head of technology Craig Hunter noted that the nature of big construction projects means they cannot always get a fixed-line connection like what is normally found in commercial settings. For this reason, they chose TPG Telecom’s 5G Fixed Wireless service which allowed them to be up and running in record time. This enabled the site team to mobilise sooner while minimizing time wastage thanks to fast and reliable connectivity for collaboration and communication purposes with everyone involved in the project.

The enterprise ready 5G Fixed Wireless service offers download speeds of up to 250Mbps as well as unlimited data for customers. Jeremy Howe, General Manager of Commercial at TPG Telecom believes that “5G is a must for businesses” looking for low latency, high performance (with greater capacity) plus faster speed for things like new branches or pop up stores or temporary construction zones plus many more applications across multiple industries.

Last year TPG Telecom signed a ten year network sharing deal with Telstra; however this was knocked back by the consumer watchdog in December citing likely negative impacts on coverage (network quality & innovation).

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