Houston Residents Question the Sudden Increase of 5G Towers

Houston Residents Question the Sudden Increase of 5G Towers

Residents in Memorial Chase, a neighborhood located in Spring, Houston, are raising concerns about the sudden emergence of 5G cell towers outside their homes. The 40-foot high poles are being installed by wireless companies to facilitate 5G capabilities which utilizes small radio waves and requires multiple towers that are closer together than 4G technology. According to the state law, these cell towers can be placed on public right-of-ways without any notification or local official power to stop them from appearing. Consequently, many neighbors have expressed their worries about what could potentially be hung on the poles, as well as potential health effects due to research still being carried out on 5G technology.

This sudden invasion of G5 cell towers has concerned residents and some even consider it a violation of their privacy. Moreover, many worry that they will be subjected to all kinds of electromagnetic radiation as this type of technology is still relatively new and more research needs to be conducted in order to determine whether it’s totally safe or not. This fear has been magnified by reports suggesting that this kind of radiation has been linked with cancer in animals and although it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether it affects humans similarly or not, precautions must definitely be taken.

In response to these worries, local officials have urged people to remain aware of any new development regarding the installment of these 5G cell towers and look for solutions that would benefit everyone involved. It’s recommended that people contact their representatives if they have any questions about possible safety risks associated with such towers. Furthermore, if one’s concerned about electromagnetic radiation emitted from these towers then it’s advised that they purchase EMF meters which measure magnetic fields near certain areas so one can easily identify where there’s a higher level of exposure.

At this moment, there isn’t much people can do except wait and see what further research reveals about how safe these new 5G cell towers may be in terms of radiation emission levels and other potential risks associated with them. It goes without saying that further investigation into this matter is needed as soon as possible so people might feel safer within their own homes knowing whether or not they should take extra measures when dealing with such technology.

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