Kyndryl and Nokia Power Up Private 5G Network Adoption

Kyndryl and Nokia Power Up Private 5G Network Adoption

Kyndryl, a managed infrastructure business that spun out of IBM in 2021 and is now No. 6 on the 2022 CRN Solution Provider 500 list, sees 2023 as the year of enterprises accelerating their digital transformation and IoT plans. This major milestone will help enterprises solve complex connectivity issues with secure wireless solutions via private LTE and 5G networks. The partnership between Kyndryl and Nokia has already yielded positive results working with more than 100 clients across multiple industries. To ensure a reliable connection for industrial enterprises, Kyndryl is combining the power of its two main partners – Intel and Nokia – with Palo Alto Networks as its go-to security partner.

The upcoming Partner Innovation Lab in Raleigh, N.C., looks to offer an environment where various applications can be developed and tested on private network connections without any security concerns or performance compromises. At this month’s Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Kyndryl and Nokia will be discussing their progress towards global adoption of 5G private networks. With the world still navigating the long-lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, secure enterprise cloud access holds immense value for businesses everywhere; this strategic partnership between Kyndryl and Nokia looks to capitalize on this opportunity by revolutionizing communication infrastructure through cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking.

The accreditation from Nokia DAC showcases Kyndryl’s ongoing dedication to being an industry leader in secure cloud solutions, as well as its commitment to helping organizations achieve maximum efficiency and cost savings through customized products tailored to their needs. It also reinforces why they were listed No. 6 on CRN’s Solution Provider 500 list earlier this year; it’s clear that their track record is worth taking note of when it comes to developing solutions that deliver impactful results for customers across all industries, both local and global alike.

With unlimited possibilities unlocking via this collaboration between Kyndryl and Nokia over private 5G networks, enterprises everywhere now have access to a reliable source of secure wireless connectivity quickly adaptable to any IT environment – resulting in increased scalability for consumers looking for optimized solutions that maximize every dollar spent while keeping data safe from malicious parties targeting home networks or large organizations alike.

Moving forward, the development of private 5G networks can only continue to increase in prominence as it looks set to revolutionize how we communicate and collaborate. Kyndryl is proud to be part of this monumental shift in communication infrastructure through its strong partnership with Nokia – one that will soon allow private LTE and 5G networks to become the go-to solution for secure cloud access across the globe.

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