Mavenir and CSPs join forces for a streamlined and cost-effective move to 5G networks

Mavenir and CSPs Join Forces for a Streamlined and Cost-Effective Move to 5G Networks

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are revolutionising existing networks to pave the way towards 5G with the help of Mavenir’s end-to-end solutions portfolio. With the adoption of this cloud-native approach, CSPs are reducing time to market and achieving network flexibility and agility needed to address everchanging customer demands.

According to Antonio Correa, Senior Regional Vice President of Southern Europe Caribbean & Latin America at Mavenir, “5G will soon become a reality across Brazil and the wider Latin America region powering all segments with benefits far beyond basic connectivity, and naturally, no one wants to be left behind. Mavenir is guiding CSPs through this journey as they strengthen and automate current 2G, 3G and 4G networks by implementing a new cloud-based and microservices architecture to support all the G’s, as they transition to incorporating 5G”

In addition, recent research conducted by Mavenir and Senza Fili shows that adopting 5G SA can lead up to 32% savings in capital expenditures (Capex) and up 39% savings in operating expenses (Opex). This further motivates service providers across all geographies to modernise their networks while transitioning into 5G.

Mavenir has been integral in providing CSPs around the world with its cloud enabled technologies. Countries such as Guyana have already seen these results; E-Networks announced its partnership with Mavenir for launching Guyana’s initial 5G VoLTE cellular network. Operators including Telefonica Hispam have adopted Mavenir for network transformation over fixed mobile devices within Mexico Colombia Chile on its private telco cloud infrastructure.

The implementation of fully virtualised and containerised core services from Mavenir has enabled a number of European nations outside Latin America take advantage of increased scalability with high throughput services that are easy deployed and maintained at lower costs. Examples include Deutsche Telekom Group who conducted its first deployment in Germany while Magyar Telekom Hungary confirmed a win from the software provider for deploying its own cloud native converged packet core.

With full support from Mavenir’s portfolio of solutions, CSPs can now make use of an evolutionary path towards 5G delivered with minimal risk while allowing significant cost savings opportunities at the same time.

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