Mavenir's unified Packet Core has enabled Ice Norway to power their 4G and 5G networks with greater efficiency, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences

Mavenir’s unified Packet Core has enabled Ice Norway to power their 4G and 5G networks with greater efficiency, paving the way for enhanced customer experiences

Norwegian mobile operator Ice Communications has recently announced a collaboration with network software provider Mavenir Technologies for the deployment of the latter’s cloud-native Converged Packet Core over their own Cloud Automation for Telco framework. Not only does this core support both 4G/5G Non-Standalone (NSA) and 5G Standalone (SA), but also extends features such as voice messaging & slicing to enable efficient resource utilization at lower costs, thus heightening the subscriber experience overall. Eivind Helgaker, head at Ice Communications reportedly said that they are excited to focus on growth through this partnership since technological advancements have been more important than ever due to the pandemic. He added that they are confident that their subscribers will be able to enjoy better convenience in usage and reaching out capabilities through this deployment of the packet core. Pardeep Kohli, President at Mavenir expressed his admiration towards Ice’s forward-looking approach towards 5G SA technology which will enable them to unlock its full potential in terms of innovative services roll outs, speed & performance boosts, and reducing complexities involved in operationsall around.

This collaboration between Ice Communications and Mavenir not only ensures easy access to new services with reliable speeds but also simplifies initial deployment processes like configuration updates & SW upgrades without any hassle on part of the customer. Some benefits include providing easier maintenance access for hardware upgrades, virtualizing resources so that there is better scalability within the same hardware footprint, and improved efficiency via automation when it comes to configuration management tasks. At a time where everything functions primarily through digital networks, it is obviously imperative that they cover all grounds of security; something which Ice Communications has taken into consideration while maintaining strict compliance with all Norwegian telecom regulatory guidelines like GDPR as well as international standards including 3GPP–TS/33.501 V14 – Evolved Packet Core (EPC). With such measures already in place securing users’ data and information should never be an issue again. Last but not least, customers can look forward to one stop solutions ranging from day to day customer service requests right up till the addition or removal of any feature – all handled by a single entity comprising both parties who cooperate together bringing about better user experience levels than ever before!

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