Mexico's Telecom Regulator Aims to Increase Low and Mid-Band Spectrum Access

Mexico’s Telecom Regulator Aims to Increase Low and Mid-Band Spectrum Access

Mexico’s telecom regulator Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) has recently announced a public consultation to solicit bids for additional low and mid-band spectrum. This auction is especially important as it aims to provide the necessary spectrum to implement 5G services in Mexico’s cities.

In total, IFT aims to assign 330 megahertz of which 90 megahertz corresponds to low bands and 240 megahertz to mid-bands. This includes frequency blocks such as 70 megahertz in the 600 MHz band, 50 megahertz in the 3.3 GHz band, 90 megahertz in the L band (1.427-1.518 GHz), 20 megahertz at 800 MHz and another 20 Mega Hertz at 850MHz, 40 Mega Hertz in the 2.5GHz band, 10 Mega Hertz in AWS Band (1.700 -2.100 GHz) and up to 80Mega Hertz in PCS Band (1.800 -1.900 GHz).

The consultation contains specific questions regarding the bands available for bidding, size of blocks that will be offered, application of spectrum accumulation limits, allocation mechanisms that will be used, participation incentives and measures that need to be implemented for promoting participation during the bid process, among others. The timeline for the bidding process hasn’t been determined yet but IFT is open to suggestions from all interested parties and will consider them while setting dates for its commencement soon.

IFT also hopes this opportunity gives new players access to radio spectrum so they can enter markets where there are currently underserved areas or communities with limited access to 5G networks and its associated benefits like faster data speeds etc.. They want those inhabitants don’t have access or internet coverage get the same service quality than those who do have already full access; their goal is no one gets left behind technological advances taking part this century due its deployment everywhere around Mexico’s territory including distant rural zones overspread nowadays without any kind of connectivity since some time ago .

In conclusion , this auction is an important step forward on Mexico’s path towards meeting international standards with respect to 5G networks implementation; citizens being able of using these services with minimum effort due discounts offered by providers now means only one thing: a true digital revolution indeed!

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