Mobi Surfs is revolutionizing the way we access data with its 5G Core technology on WG2 and Amazon Wave

Mobi Surfs is revolutionizing the way we access data with its 5G Core technology on WG2 and Amazon Wave

Hawaii-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Mobi recently launched a pilot service using cloud-native 5G core on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This launch was made possible due to the innovative Working Group Two’s (WGtwo) platform, which uses an as-a-service model that can be scaled up or down depending on the customer’s needs. The installation was completed in record timing as WGtwo’s cloud-native architecture allowed Mobi to consolidate control over its diverse network cores into one point of contact and simplify operations.

Mobi is looking to leverage this technology for launching new services such as Federated Wireless’ hosted private 5g service fed by their spectrum access system administrator role for Citizens Broadband Radio Service spectrum. This will allow Mobi to provide enhanced 5G network capabilities and services to its customers. The company is excited about the potential that this new technology offers and hopes it will help them stay ahead of the competition in terms of providing cutting-edge services to its customers. Mobi CEO, John Doe, commented: “We are thrilled to be among the first in the industry to deploy this revolutionary 5G solution and look forward to benefiting from its cloud-native architecture and scalability.”

This news is sure to revolutionize the telecom industry as it shifts towards 5G technology. It remains to be seen how the rest of the industry will adapt to this new technology and use it to provide better services for their customers. The success of Mobi’s pilot service using WGtwo‘s platform is a promising sign for the future of 5G networks, as more companies look to utilize cloud-native architecture and scalability to provide better services and give their customers a competitive edge.

It is clear that cloud-native 5G services will play an important role in the future of telecommunications, and it is encouraging to see companies like Mobi taking advantage of this technology to stay ahead of the competition. With more companies utilizing cloud-native architectures for their telecom needs, we are sure to see a new era of innovation and growth in the industry.


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