New York Embraces 5G Revolution

New York Embraces 5G Revolution

New York City is welcoming the 5G era with a new joint venture, CityBridge, between Intersection and ZenFi Networks. The venture is currently in the process of installing 2,000 Link5G towers across NYC, allowing for mobile users to browse and download content with speeds up to 20 Gbps. These 32-foot towers come equipped with a range of features including free Wi-Fi access, USB charging ports for devices, 911 calling capabilities, and two 55-inch screens for digital signage. Carriers that acquire rights to use the 5G antenna can offer customers paying services while the other features are available at no cost.

To ensure this cutting-edge infrastructure works properly and evenly throughout each borough, dedicated fiber optic cables have been used to connect each borough’s data centers as well as network edge collocation facilities monitored by a network operations center run by Zenfi Networks. To take advantage of these networks, users must be within range of one of these kiosks where they will see two different SSID networks: LinkNYC Free Wi-Fi or LinkNYC Private. The latter requires an Apple device running iOS 7 or higher with Hotspot 2.0 enabled and utilizes enterprise grade security protocols such 802 WPA2 encryption and EAP TLS authentication methods for optimal security.

In addition to providing fast internet access speeds to all their customers living in New York City, this joint initiative also allows the general public access to essential services such as free Wi-Fi access point, USB charging ports for devices, 911 calling capabilities amongst others without having any significant expenses on their side. With 2,000 towers installed in all five boroughs combined into one intricate infrastructure – supported by state-of-the-art wireless technologies – New Yorkers now have unprecedented access to high speed mobile data at their fingertips!

The introduction of 5G technology in New York City marks an important milestone for the city, setting a global standard for smart cities across the world. With new technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence being implemented on a regular basis, this venture will serve to pave the way for more efficient solutions in urban infrastructure design. The collaboration between Intersection and ZenFi Networks has already proven to be a success, allowing for faster and more reliable data transfer speeds for all New York City residents.

As 5G technology continues to expand throughout the city, it can help businesses create smarter applications and services that will benefit both consumers as well as businesses alike. By leveraging 5G networks, companies are able to create more efficient services and applications that will provide faster connections and reduce latency for a better user experience. Furthermore, businesses can take advantage of the increased security of 5G networks to ensure their data is safe from malicious cyber-attacks.


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