Nokia and NTT DOCOMO Enhance Network for 5G Services

Nokia and NTT DOCOMO Enhance Network for 5G Services

Nokia is proud to announce that it will be enhancing NTT DOCOMO‘s nation-wide IP core backbone and enabling transport network slicing for its 5G mobile services. This move marks a major step towards the development of 5G technologies in Japan, offering improved network scale, capacity and agility. The enhancements will allow for granular service level agreements (SLAs) as well as increased power efficiency and resource optimization. To meet this end, DOCOMO is deploying Nokia’s IP routing solutions such as the 7750 Service Router Platform with FP5 silicon. This system can extend its life and sustainability to meet any changes in DOCOMO’s customer bandwidth needs thanks to its ‘future-ready’ 800GE capability with an increased capacity of more than three times with 75% power savings over previous generations.

In addition, segment routing capabilities of Nokia’s Service Router Operating System (SR OS) have made it possible to enable traffic-engineered network slices for granular SLAs required by DOCOMO’s customers. The Network Service Platform (NSP) provides a Path Computation Engine (PCE) which leverages real-time telemetry to optimize the IP network, improve SLA adherence as well as automate the creation, assurance, and optimisation of IETF standards based network slices in the transport domain.

The successful collaboration between Nokia and NTT DOCOMO further highlights what 5G technology can bring us and exemplifies why both companies are dedicated to pushing these innovations forward. With these innovative technologies already being deployed in Japan, we can expect similar projects to be rolled out in other countries soon; allowing us all to realize our dreams of a globally connected 5G future! This partnership between two giants of the tech industry reinforces their commitment towards building an ever more powerful digital infrastructure that crosses continents.

The rapid developments observed in this field serve only as yet another reminder why it is important for cities and nations alike to invest in platforms like 5G that are future-proofed against emerging technologies while delivering simpler, faster connections at lower operational costs. For customers using NTT DOCOMO services, this new alliance promises an unprecedented level of accuracy when it comes meeting SLAs while also cutting back on running costs associated with traditional networks – an exciting prospect indeed!

Ultimately, the joint effort between Nokia and NTT DOCOMO will set a new benchmark for 5G network performance, offering customers unparalleled speed and reliability when accessing internet services from any corner of the world. The enhanced network infrastructure is expected to go live, ushering in a new era of unprecedented digital connectivity. We can’t wait to see how this collaboration will shape the future of 5G technology here in Japan, and beyond!

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