Phoenix's Wireless Connectivity Infrastructure Expands for Super Bowl 57

Phoenix’s Wireless Connectivity Infrastructure Expands for Super Bowl 57

Come February 2022, Phoenix, Arizona is set to host the mega sporting event, Super Bowl 57. As part of their preparations for the big day, Phoenix has decided to expand its wireless connectivity infrastructure. Verizon has been chosen as the network provider and will provide an operations center that was previously used for refugee-processing and hurricane relief initiatives. This expanded network not only covers the stadium but also downtown Phoenix. The increased capabilities of this new wireless connection will allow emergency departments to better communicate with each other faster when needed. In addition to making sure the communication infrastructure during the event is up to speed, Waymo is launching an autonomous shuttle service from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and downtown area.

This provides hundreds of thousands of visitors a more convenient way to get around town during the big game. Super Bowl 57 is estimated to bring in over $100 million in revenue for Arizona‚Äôs economy and create around 11,000 jobs related to hosting the event alone. Furthermore, it is expected that thousands visiting from all over the country will be spending on accommodation and sightseeing activities while they are in town. The preparation put into place by local authorities not just focuses on catering towards these thousands of visitors but also taking care of its residents who live in downtown Phoenix year-round by expanding their access to high quality internet connections. This upcoming Super Bowl promises to be a huge success with Verizon providing efficient wireless networks along with services like Waymo’s autonomous shuttles that make sure everyone gets where they need to be quickly and safely. Phoenix is well equipped and ready for what Super Bowl 57 has to offer!

This is great news for the residents of Phoenix, who will benefit from the improved infrastructure and services that have been put in place for this special event. Local businesses are also expected to reap some of the rewards with increased foot traffic in downtown areas and an influx of visitors spending money on food, accommodation and other activities. The increased wireless coverage will also benefit Phoenix residents after the event, providing them with faster and more reliable internet connections. All in all, Super Bowl 57 promises to be a great success for Phoenix and its economy.

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