Propelling the World Forward with Nokia's 5G Advanced Network

Propelling the World Forward with Nokia’s 5G Advanced Network

Communication technology is continuing to evolve, and no one understands this better than Nokia. In an effort to keep up with the advancements in mobile technology, the telecommunications giant has taken it a step further by introducing their new 5G Advanced network. This revolutionary transition from 5G towards 6G will not only offer higher speeds and increased complexity for data streaming but will eventually connect the physical and digital worlds.

The similarities between 4G and 5G have already been well established; companies were developing 4.9G as a bridge towards 5G, so it’s no surprise that 5G Advanced is playing a similar role here. This advanced version of 5G can power extended reality (XR) applications, reach remote areas with previously limited access to terrestrial networks, and improve energy efficiency due to simplified traffic management.

In order to make the concept more understandable for everyone, Nokia has put forth an informative video on Youtube which outlines all of these different aspects in simple terms. As communication technology continues its advancements, we will soon enter a future filled with possibilities due to 6G!

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