Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon X35 Modem Chipset, Bringing 5G Connectivity to Wearables and Other Devices in 2024

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon X35 Modem Chipset, Bringing 5G Connectivity to Wearables and Other Devices in 2024

Qualcomm has announced another remarkable innovation in their lineup: the Snapdragon X35 modem chipset. This new chipset will open up a world of possibilities for wearables and other devices by providing them access to the lightning-fast 5G network. With the first set of products equipped with this new modem being released as early as first half of 2021, users can expect to see a range of devices benefitting from this upgrade ranging from smartwatches and medical wearables, to industrial sensors and even lower-end laptops like Chromebooks. The Cortex-A75 based Snapdragon X35 modem chipset is smaller in form than its predecessors yet reigning champion when it comes to maximum download speeds – reaching up to 220 Mbps! Compared to 4G LTE connections, this chip offers wider frequency range and far lower latency meaning users can experience less buffer time while streaming.

It is also capable of supporting midband frequencies such as C-band, CBRS 3.5 GHz and 4.9 GHz ranges which provide much higher speeds than what millimeter wave 5G connections offer but with a larger coverage area – all while having the ability to fall back on 4G LTE if necessary. This new modem has potential applications beyond just wearables alone and could be the catalyst needed for further upgrades in the future. Qualcomm is already making waves across industries such as automotive, gaming cloud computing etc through its 5G leadership position – this new advancement only serves as testament for Qualcomm’s continuous commitment towards innovating technologies that improve one’s day-to-day life.

The Snapdragon X35 modem chipset is expected to be available in devices by 2024. Keep an eye out for news and updates on this exciting new development! Qualcomm is also introducing a new high-speed data streaming feature for their 5G-connected devices which will allow them to take advantage of speeds up to 100 mbps. This advanced technology promises to reduce latency even further, provide better user experience and increase network reliability – all while taking up even less power than before.

The Snapdragon X35 modem chipset is indeed a great addition to Qualcomm’s 5G portfolio, and it will be exciting to see what further applications this technology could have in the future. It is clear that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X35 modem chipset has the potential to revolutionize the mobile device industry by bringing 5G connectivity to devices for the first time. With an expected release in 2024, users can look forward to faster download speeds, wider coverage area and lower latency – all while being able to rely on 4G LTE as a fail-safe.


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