Singtel Leads the Way in Introducing Zoom's Latest Digital Transformation Solutions

Singtel Leads the Way in Introducing Zoom’s Latest Digital Transformation Solutions

Singtel has become the first telco in Singapore to launch Zoom’s latest communication solutions for enterprise digital transformation. These new solutions will be added to Singtel’s suite of 5G and unified communications (UC) offerings, which will gradually become available to businesses from next month.

The solution that kick-starts the offer is Singtel’s Zoom Phone Connector, an innovative feature that allows phone calls from fixed lines to be connected with Zoom Meeting. Moreover, other solutions are also included in this package, with the purpose of providing enterprises a more immersive meeting experience, considering the rising demand for hybrid working and team collaboration. This includes Zoom One – encompassing features such as team chat, phone, whiteboard meetings, rooms, workspace reservations and much more.

Moreover, UC platforms such as Zoom can also be integrated into Singtel’s Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), a cloud-based infrastructure designed to facilitate interoperability between services such as voice, video and messaging services with business activities. This differentiating platform provides customers a seamless and agile way to onboard new services such as Do Not Call functions and Contact Centres -as -a -service systems among many others.

As more businesses shift their operations online due to pandemic restrictions, communication tools have become even more central elements of remote working setups in order for teams to remain connected and productive on their projects. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that they have access to reliable solutions that allow them the ability reach out beyond borders and timezones when needed.

In line with its commitment towards digital transformation among Singaporean enterprises , Singtel has taken the initiative by launching these novelties which are sure to revolutionize how businesses interact on a daily basis . The telco giant is hopeful that this new suite of 5G/UC communication tools will prove successful amongst Singaporean businesses striving for streamlined operations during these challenging times .

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