Spanish Telecom Operator Masmovil Rolls Out 5G Network Across Spain

Spanish Telecom Operator Masmovil Rolls Out 5G Network Across Spain

Telecom operator Masmovil has begun providing 5G services to customers across Spain, with coverage spanning 1,660 towns and cities in 51 provinces. This equates to roughly 74% of the Spanish population having access to the network’s infrastructure, which is supported by 80 megahertz of spectrum for nationwide use on their 3.5 GHz band dedicated to 5G services.

This rollout was made possible in part thanks to a partnership between Masmovil and Orange Spain that was signed in October 2020. Under the terms of this agreement, Orange provides Masmovil customers with access to their existing 5G network so they can take advantage of its full coverage capabilities while they gradually deploy their own infrastructure that serves the remaining 35% of the population in 40 main cities until at least 2028 – though the contract is extendable if needed.

Orange has also been making progress on their own deployment plans, having already surpassed 2022 targets by rolling out 5G services to 1,529 towns and cities across 52 provinces. The telecom giant invested heavily into its infrastructure to meet these targets two years early, with new sites being deployed in anticipation of further demand across Spain.

The agreement between Masmovil and Orange allows users from both networks greater reliability through stronger coverage and faster speeds. Customers are also able to benefit from more cost-effective options for accessing 5G services over an extended period of time throughout Spain as a whole. Moving forward, both networks will continue working together for increased accessibility and better service for all customers involved – ensuring everyone’s satisfaction with their experience moving forward.

As 5G continues to spread across the country, Masmovil and Orange’s collaboration is an example of how telecom providers can effectively utilize partnerships in a way that allows them to reach their goals faster and provide better service to everyone involved. This partnership allows both networks to capitalize on each other’s strength – combining their respective strengths to provide comprehensive coverage and better service for customers.

Overall, Masmovil’s 5G rollout is a significant step forward in the telecom industry, representing an improved level of access and reliability that users can enjoy across Spain. With this agreement between Masmovil and Orange, both networks are well-positioned to provide customers with the best possible experience moving forward.

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