T-Mobile Introduces Permanent 5G Coverage and Capacity Upgrades

T-Mobile Introduces Permanent 5G Coverage and Capacity Upgrades

T-Mobile has announced permanent 5G coverage and capacity upgrades for the upcoming Big Game and Phoenix Open, providing customers with 10x faster connection speeds inside State Farm Stadium and 4x faster connection speeds across the region. Over the last 12 months, T-Mobile has rolled out significant 5G upgrades to better serve its customers in locations such as Gila River Arena, Phoenix Convention Center, Tucson International Airport, key hotels around the area where large gatherings are expected.

This network enhancement includes 2.5 GHz Ultra Capacity 5G coverage & capacity with indoor/outdoor DAS systems; 600 MHz of mmWave spectrum for download speed up to 10x faster than before; Ultra Capacity small cells to densify network in areas where crowds are expected; 100 MHz of 2.5 GHz spectrum for customer access. The new and improved 5G network covers 97% of Americans (a total of 260 million people) across the country with ultra capacity while offering larger, faster and more reliable services throughout.

Providing a seamless experience no matter how big or small the event may be is an important mission for T-Mobile which will be achieved by optimized network connectivity via its current nationwide 5G LTE coverage that offers both low and mid-bands as well as high band millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum. With these improvements made available to customers at major events, it’s clear that T-Mobile is looking to offer an enhanced user experience when it comes to experiencing live events from sports to festivals which have been made even easier thanks to its advanced fifth generation cellular technology advancements.

Furthermore, T-Mobile plans to continue to expand its 5G network with the upcoming launch of high band millimeter wave spectrum in two different frequency ranges. This will mean that even more customers will be able to experience a faster connection and better performance when using their devices all around town.

T-Mobile is committed to being the first and best 5G network in the US and with these new capacity upgrades, it is making sure that its customers get a superior experience when attending live events. With improved speeds, increased coverage and more reliable connections, customers can now enjoy an even better experience at the Big Game, Phoenix Open and other future events.

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