VMware's Modernization Strategy Sparks Smarter 5G Networks and Services

VMware’s Modernization Strategy Sparks Smarter 5G Networks and Services

In its endeavor to provide more efficient networks, VMware, an American global cloud infrastructure and data security provider has announced its plan to modernize 5G networks in collaboration with service providers. The focus of this modernization strategy is to assist telcos with their 5G networks deployment and radio access network (RAN) transformation for smarter networks. The company has identified four key themes that form the basis of their modernization strategy – telco efficiency, network programmability, cloud-like platform approach, and intelligent insights into anomalies and configuration management. This strategy is expected to create an innovative ecosystem that will offer optimized configurations across all layers of the network stack while providing optimum performance. To implement this modernization strategy, VMware has joined forces with SoftBank Corporation which aims to build a 5G standalone core network with VMware’s solutions and Singtel which is deploying 5G networks along with onboarding new Network Functions (NFs). Other collaborations include KDDI Corporation in Japan, TIM Brasil in Brazil, AT&T Mobility in the USA among many others.

An executive from VMware said that by shifting away from the conventional vertical stack approach towards a more cloud-oriented model will result in improved customer experience due to reduced latency as well as automated capabilities for configuration optimization. The existing customers have already started benefiting from this framework by reaping returns on investments earlier than expected. This venture by VMware allows service providers to upgrade their services without compromising on performance or high availability so that they stay competitive while providing better customer experience. Going forward, the company intends to expand its operations to other regions as well as deepen their partnerships with various telcos for updates on emerging technologies and trends that enable companies to achieve greater agility and scalability in a secure environment.

With this modernization strategy, VMware has set the tone for smarter 5G networks and services that can deliver efficient solutions to its customers. By joining forces with different operators, they have already started making strides towards realizing their mission of transforming the way telcos deploy, manage, and secure their 5G networks. As part of this journey, they continue to work on innovative collaborations that will further propel the development of 5G networks and services. With the right combination of dynamic technologies and expertise in the field, VMware is confident that their collaborative efforts will help service providers unlock new opportunities for growth and success in this digital era.

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