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What Does 5th Generation Mean For Me?

With the technological industry constantly evolving and innovating new features, it is no doubt that with every new variant, the experience gets better and smoother. The 5G or 5th generation cellular network is expected to be the fastest wireless technological advancements that have been created so far.

The 5th generation wireless technology impacts the way in which you work and rewind with access to quicker upload and download speeds. So what does the 5th generation mean and what will its impact be? Read on to find out, as we share insights based on some common questions that people have regarding the technology.

What Makes 5G So Necessary?

Looking past this decade, most of our time has been spent mostly on social media, texts or calls, to keep up with family members and friends. We’ve been heading towards a digital-first world, with every movie or TV show being streamed on any given platform, playing games online, or even to connect our remote co-workers via video conferencing.

Now consider using Verizon 5G instead of 4G networks on your devices. The entire experience drastically changes with the utilization of the new Verizon 5G. It also brings new technological attributes to the table that were not conceivable with the conventional 4G network.Your entire experience as a digital citizen, consumer or user becomes faster, smoother and more seamless.

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So as we keep getting more reliant on the digital space for all our needs and desires, the necessity to have a stronger infrastructure also comes into play. This is precisely where 5G steps in and upholds the need for upgradation and evolution of technology.

What 5G Means For People?

The technology of 5G enables us an amplified accessibility through autonomous vehicles, connected gadgets, and other remote apparatuses. The 5G application qualifies to aid in remote surgeries by instantly providing the required data and analysis. Over 5G, the autonomous automobiles are anticipated to be inept to read live maps and communicate with one another.

Furthermore, the 5G technology brings in the prospect of operating robots remotely, which allows you to enjoy and unwind via a machine, even from miles away. From the instance of video content analytics, 5G plays a crucial role in giving birth to smart cities.

Beyond evaluating crowd flow and traffic, automobiles and transportation systems could also regulate in finding a public safety employee, in case of an emergency. Moreover, with the constantly changing layout and courses of cities, 5G grants live updates of maps by the minute. It allows a convenient navigation of cities even with the consistent transformation of cityscapes.

What 5G Means For The Planet?

The arrival of 5G technology paves a potential for global equality and a healthier planet. The CEO and chairman of Verizon, Hans Vestberg, attended the United Nations General Assembly, where he expressed that “5G has the potential to reduce up to 90% of our current power consumption.” If everybody started switching to 5G, it would then significantly affect the climate change. The 5G technology could also help in encouraging clean energy by upgrading the electrical grid throughout the country. Thus, guiding to more orderliness via renewable energy.

There’s no doubt that the spontaneous connections between parties and high efficient energy consumption would be fuelled by the advent of the 5th Generation. In a time of instantaneous decision making, improved business and metropolitan alliances, 5G would also dominate in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with its prospect in usage and speed capabilities.

What Will Be Introduced To Us With 5G?

As a matter of fact, no matter what it is that we do with our smartphones today, we would be able to do all the work faster with the arrival of 5G technology. The technological advances will include smart glasses that feature mobile virtual reality, better quality of video, augmented reality and so on.

We may assume that we will get to see effortless traffic monitoring, fire assessments, drones carrying out their search and rescue missions, in a wireless communication with the ground base stations and one another, ceaselessly over 5G networks.

Likewise, many believe that the 5G technology is a vital step towards the communication and reading maps of autonomous vehicles. Gamers should immediately notice the speed in action with the accordance to them initiating it. Similarly, videos streamed via various online platforms are expected to be glitch free and instantaneous.

There’s a major prospect of reduced delay in screen time, which causes a spur of excitement and enthusiasm. 5G enables a visibly clearer and less latent video calling. The fitness devices connected to a 5G technology should provide health monitoring in real time, notifying medical authorities in case of an emergency.


Imagine yourself downloading a movie in a matter of seconds rather than taking minutes. With the new Verizon 5G network, you can do anything you wanted to do faster and much efficiently than with 4G. While the 5G denotes fifth generation, with its outstanding features, it is a window to new phases and a door to a whole new world.

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